Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our squirrel

This little guy is one of the first things I saw this morning.

He is cute and he doesn't seem to be destructive so don't mind him too much.


Mom said...

Have you figured out how he gets into the bird feeder?

momawake said...

I think he must just be small enough to fit and can jump from the deck post.

Mom2fur said...

I love him! We throw peanuts out to the squirrels. Every season, there's at least one 'brave' one that will come when I call. This year it's a girl. She even does a 'trick.' She will wait up on a tree branch until I put a peanut in the wedge between the branch and the trunk. I'll call her back down and she'll come get the peanut.
She always waits in the same branch, LOL!
Your squirrel looks like a baby. They are clever little creatures and few 'anti-squirrel' devices will keep them from their goal, LOL!