Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess what I found!

Today I went quilt shop hopping. Seemed like a fun thing to do after finishing the quilting on the current quilt. I started at the shop farthest away and worked my way home. At the very first shop I went to some of the fabric looked familiar, so I decided to ask the clerk about it.

Back in October my local quilt shop closed abruptly. I got the email the day after they closed. I wondered what she did with all that fabric, where did it go?

The clerk's answer was, "Yes." My question: "Did you buy F.O.'s fabric?" Turns out that the owner of Quilt Garden went to F.O. to take a look at the fixtures. While she was there L.M. asked her if she wanted to buy everything (including all the fabric). Wow! She wasn't prepared for that question, so she went to lunch and did the math. Turns out she did buy it, all 575 bolts of fabric and the fixtures! She then asked L.M. when she was closing and L.M. said, "Right now." The owner of Quilt Garden picked up the goods on Monday, L.M. and her husband left to winter in FL on Friday. Can you imagine?

No wonder the fabric looked familiar. BTW I only bought a quarter of a yard of three fabrics for binding the current quilt. :)


Christine said...


I need to head to a quilt shop today to hit a sale. It's the only shop in town, thankfully, it's also close.

I'm also going to head to Jo-Ann's to get that apron pattern.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...


Don't forget that if we can manage it, another Mother-Daughter outing to another quilt shop would be fun. ;-) I would be ready to start planning ahead just for the mental break. ;-)

Mom said...

I bought thread today for the quilt. I haven't had to buy thread for years. I actually had a small spool of the right color, but I thought it was not the best quality. When I unwound the first of the thread, I was appalled at the thinness of the thread. It was easier to thread the needle, but it was bad to get snarled. Is there anything that is quality today?