Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award


I was nominated by Elizabeth for this award. You're so sweet. I just love my blogging friends.

The terms of accepting this are you must thank the person who nominated you, paste the award on your blog, link back to the nominator, tell 7 interesting things about myself and nominate 7 others linking to them.

Ok here goes. This is going to be difficult, I'm thinkin'.

1. As much as I love sewing now, I used to hate it when I was 14, just ask my mom. I assume she remembers. Since I started sewing as an adult I've had a rule: never sew at night. I learned this lesson the hard way as a teen. I was much too tired and stressed by some project that I was sewing. I don't remember what is was or even if I threw a fit, but I do know I was sewing at night. Hence the rule. I have broken it, but very rarely.

2. When I was working nights at the hospital, I occasionally worked with a nurse who would knit. It looked impossibly hard. I knew I'd never be able to do it, but I really wanted to learn and I really wanted to learn from someone, like a nice granny type. Almost 20 years later I found videos on the internet and DVDs at the library and taught myself how to knit. I taught myself so much (not that much) that I actually impressed an experienced knitter from church. We got together for her to teach me a few things I didn't understand and she said I knew quite a bit for a beginner. Now I can't knit very much because it hurts my finger, hand and elbow. :( I hope that's not permanent and I hope it's not "pride goes before a fall" because I love to knit.

3. Since I can't knit very often (just a few rows a week) I've taken up quilting. I've discovered that I love fabric shopping. I love to do it in person, but I also enjoy internet shopping. ;-) The shopping is the best part! I also like being able to give a quilt away. I've got several baby-sized quilt tops that need to be quilted to send with my friend to Russia.

4. One of my dreams is to live in Alaska for a year. I want to experience the light/dark thing and see the Northern Lights. Now I really doubt this will happen because I'm married to a guy who would rather live in Hawaii for a year. ;-) Winter is my favorite season. You just have to know how to dress for it and possibly be content with the indoors. Just give me a lot of snow, a good book, a sewing machine, a camera, a good movie, a puzzle and my family and I'm happy. I'm not asking for much. :)

5. In the last year or so I've learned a lot more about economics than I thought I'd even want to know. There are actually different schools of thought about econ. Take the Keynesians for example, my rudimentary understanding is that this philosophy is based on spending your way out of economic problems. The Austrian school of thought is primarily based on a free market and no government intervention. I just recently heard of the Chicago school of thought, but I have no idea what that is. I'll have to look into it.

6. By the grace of God I've been a Christian for 34 years. I still have plenty of things I struggle with like fear. I have 11 Bible verses taped to the wall above the computer reminding me of God's attributes. He is a refuge; He loves us; He guards; He provides peace; He provides our daily needs; He directs; He is strong; He calls; He saves; He made us; He gives. I need to trust and rest.

7. I do NOT like opera. Now I feel bad about this because it seems like something I should like. But I've thought about it for a while and have come to the conclusion that the reason has to do with sensory overload or whatever the correct term is. The soprano voice is especially grating. It's similar to how I feel about heavy metal. It's just too much.

Now for the seven people I'm tagging.

1. Christine at A Peek Inside Our Adventure because I'm sure she needs a break. :)

2. Hope Anne at Happymom4 because I'm sure she needs something else to do.

3. Karen at J Place because I'd like to read her blog more often. ;-)

4. Amy at Rose of Sharon because it's good for her to practice her creative writing.

5. Cheri at Southern Hills Ramblings because it's always good to get to know a blogging friend better.

6. Mom at Technically Challenged because I like how she writes.

7. Nancy at Brambleberry Cottage because I want to see how she's doing and she's a fellow seamstress for AG dolls. :)


emadethis said...

Tee hee. I felt that way about opera for a long time, and then I saw it live. The combo of seeing what they're singing and the scene helps take the edge off. I can understand about the sensory overload though. All of the Met's Zeffirelli productions are a little much to take in.

There's seriously knitting DVD's? Interesting...

Mom said...

Thanks for the compliment. The most beautiful blog doesn't fit for me. I can't even remember how to change the wallpaper!

Mom said...

And another thing - I don't know how to continue the "tag." Hope no one is offended.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

*I* need something else to do?! "Methinks the woman must jest!"

Anyway, thanks for the award! I'll see what I can manage to do with it. ;-)

BTW, I really LIKED what you shared--most of it wasn't a surprise to me, but some of it I didn't know! (You and me both on the high notes of the opera . . .Todd LOVES opera and subjects us to it almost daily . . .)

Mom to Anyone said...

Interestingly, reading your seven things intrigued me because some of it could have been me - exactly! I like to blog. A lot. I find it intimidating, though.