Saturday, January 2, 2010

Amy's artistic flair

We were at Target last night grabbing a few items from the shopping list when I decided to see if they had any Christmas deals left. I found these sequin-like things, thought they were pretty cute at 75% off. I put them in the cart knowing Amy would come up with something. Then today dh and I went to run a few errands. While we were gone Amy came up with this.


Here it's swathed in tulle.


You can see she put tulle in a vase (from Ikea--a great bargain) then stuffed those two things down in or maybe she wrapped them up first then put them in the vase. (I didn't ask.) She tied a ribbon around the vase and there you have it! It's a perfect decoration for just about any time of year. Use a different color tulle or ribbon to make it appropriate for Valentine's Day, Christmas, a party, etc.



Then, of course, she captured the whole thing with some great pictures. :)

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cheri said...

What a festive looking decoration!