Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sewing and quilting

Thought I'd better make a post so you know I'm still here. I've started putting the quilt blocks together in their rows. The first two rows are also sewn together; the third row is done. I'll try to get the forth row done tomorrow.

I also started on a dress that Amy had cut out. She's a bit gun shy about sewing lately, since her formal dress experience. I think she just needs to slow down and concentrate on doing a good job and she'll be fine.

I bought a snap-together quilt frame made from PVC pipes. It's set up in place of the puzzle table, so I can hand-quilt the Avalon. I decided to do circles and used a cd as a template. I hope it looks good when finished in who knows how long. :) I'll post pictures after I take some.

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cheri said...

Glad you are back! Did I ever tell you that I grew up in Omaha? I lived there from 1956 until 1967 - does that make me sound old? Yikes!