Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Dh was out of town last week until Thursday. He was supposed to get in very late, so I suggested we postpone Friday's date night until Saturday night instead. That way he and Amy could "relax" with Star Trek Voyager on Friday after work. Then on Saturday I remembered that Amy wouldn't be home on Sunday night, so we postponed date night until Sunday and spent Saturday night together as a family.

After church on Sunday Amy went home with the J family so she could get video with T on Monday. Dh and I had a wonderful date afternoon and evening. We ate, went to the mall (where I found great deals on Lands' End stuff) and came home to watch UP. A funny story about that...Amy & I went shopping last week and bought UP and Tale of Despereaux. We said to each other that dad would probably buy them then we'd have two. Sure enough! Fortunately, he only bought UP. Now some lucky family member will get UP for Christmas. :)

While we were home watching our movie Amy sent me a text about a movie they were going to watch, turned out to be rated R! :( Dh then made a phone call to Mr. J saying he didn't want Amy watching R rated movies. Mr. J promptly took care of it. (I'll probably have another blog post about it.) We were both disappointed. I need to talk with Amy about how to handle something like that in the future. I'm very glad she let us know and we were able to help, but that won't always be the case.

Monday rolls around, I've got the whole house to myself for an entire day! I got lots done like vacuuming, a little laundry, on-line Christmas shopping and other on-line stuff. I had plans to get some sewing done and was heading in that direction. I first needed to iron some fabric before cutting out a couple pattern pieces. I got that much done, but when I went back to the iron the light wouldn't come on when I pushed the on button. I waited a little bit and it seemed to be working, but no light. It turns itself off in about 15 minutes, so I left it and came back well after that amount of time and it was still on. Broken iron=no sewing. I wasn't too happy about that.

After supper on Mon. I went to pick Amy up. In our discussion on the way home I found out that she'd fallen off a horse and had a little visitor show up, so she was in pain from both pretty much all day. They did get a lot of video, so she had a successful day.

Tuesday: Unplanned, but necessary visit to the chiropractor who had no time available and got her in anyway. He's so good!

Wednesday: Amy's feeling a little better from the fall. :)

Today was also co-op day. I was supposed leave at 1:30, but the coordinator called at 1:15 saying the truck might not show up today. Our delivery was at 2:00, he had to be off the road at 3:00. We ended up meeting him at his hotel where we unloaded the truck in their parking lot.

Let's see what else? My wonderful mouse quit working :( but it turns out it just needed new batteries. :) When I got home from co-op there was a huge dog in our yard; he thought he needed to follow me to the garage. Now I like dogs, ones that I know, and this one I didn't and he was BIG. After making eye contact with him I knew he was friendly, but I really didn't want to get out of the van with him there. So I went into the garage and closed the door. Eventually his owner came and picked him up (the Fedex guy--another story--must have got a hold of them).

Oh and I've got myself a new iron. It's really something hard to live without.


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Oh wow!! Esp. on the R-rated movie! Kudos to your daughter for being so sensible! (And 3 cheers for Dad's who are brave enough to handle something like that!) Now we are having a discussion at our house about how THEY would handle a similar situation! Yikes!

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Mom said...

What did you decide on for an iron? I am so proud of Amy!

Polly said...

You should give Mom and Dad the up movie. The scene with the man riding down the stairs is hysterical. It looks just like Mom.