Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No dress, but a tree

I did work on the dress Amy wants for Thanksgiving, but we ended up doing this instead.



And a little of this.



The sun came out briefly while we were getting the tree. It was a chilly, but acceptable 50 degrees or so and not raining. There were hardly any people there the day before Thanksgiving. We decided to take advantage of the day. Friday it's suppose to be colder and there's a possibility of snow showers.



Dh decided to start a new tradition--note the Hawaiian shirt. It's his job to put the lights on the tree. He also puts the hooks on the ornaments. Amy & I do the beads and place the ornaments. The last thing we do (no picture, for some reason) is put the star on the top. That's Amy's job. Dh used to hold her up to reach it, but now she's tall enough to reach it by standing on the stairs. (Children really do grow up so fast.)



The final product just in time for Thanksgiving. ;-) Yes, we're a bit early.


Christine said...


We are going without a tree this year. I'm sad, but I understand. Praying that next year is different.

Mom said...

Nicely shaped tree - decorated beautifully.

Leslie said...

thanks for coming to my blog and entering the giveaway and becoming a follower...good luck

Amy said...

You didn't post the pic of you with Charlie Brown tree! Hmm...I might just have to go post it on my blog... -snicker snicker-