Saturday, November 28, 2009

The new toy


The man was downright giddy with excitement! He actually got one of those Black Friday TV deals. He thinks it was meant to be. There were none left on the shelf, but he happened on one in the box on the floor somewhere.



The girl was just about as excited as the man!



This is serious business.


Now I have to admit that I really did enjoy watching the Nebraska game on that new TV. (Do not ask me what I think about the digital signal cutting in and out, in and out!)

The directions on the remote say that fluorescent lights interfere with it. So, of course, I make the connection (or should I say disconnection) with government outlawing incandescent light bulbs and government mandating digital TV. How crazy is that! Perhaps I'm missing something.


Mom said...

That "tiling" of digital TVs is annoying. Some stations are worse than others too.

Christine said...

Well, I know I'd rather watch football on a TV that size. Enjoy!

I also liked the government connection. Made me lol.