Saturday, November 14, 2009

Basketweave Quilt

Here it is!


It's nice to have helpers. :)


Ali said...

Beautiful work, Ann!

The helper on the left doesn't look very amused, though. ;-)

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Ditto to all Ali said!!!

That's truly beautiful, Ann! Is it for your bed or ?? (I think you said, but I forget).

Hope to see it in person soon! ;-)

Mom said...

What a good feeling to be done!

cheri said...

Love the color choices! Very nice indeed.

Amy said...

The helper on the left rarely looks amused when he is doing the bills. (which is what he was doing before we hired him to help hold up the quilt. hehe...)

Anonymous said...

It's so gorgeous! Did you end up hand quilting it?

momawake said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. The quilt is for our bed. I want it to be warm, so I'm using flannel as the backing.

I'm not hand quilting this one. I plan to do straight lines across.

I'm hand quilting the Avalon (the bright pink one) and it's going to take a long time because it hurts my finger to do it for any length of time. :(

Christine said...

I really like the new green, especially since I cannot see it, if that makes sense. The other green would have stood out too much. Now the colors blend beautifully.

Can't wait to see it fully finished.