Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sail Away!




I found this fabric a couple years ago at the Fabric Shack. We were on our first Mother/Daughter trip with our friends. I saw it and thought it would go well with one of our bedrooms that has a sailing/lighthouse theme. The previous owners painted the walls to look like a sea complete with little sail boats, lighthouses and clouds. So I bought what I thought would be enough fabric (later I went back and got a little more). I made my own pattern, which is not original, but at the time I didn't know that. I drew it on graph paper and had dh help me with the math to know exactly how much fabric I would need (thus the reason I went to get more, for borders, mostly).

A couple weeks ago I started cutting and sewing. Then I laid them all out on the floor and actually made no changes (shocking). I finished sewing all the blocks and rows together a week ago; all I need to do is put the borders on. After that I'll have another quilt top that needs to be quilted. :) I've got a stack!


Mom said...

It looks big. Is it? Very nice theme and colors.

momawake said...

The quilt is going to fit a double bed when finished.

Christine said...

You amaze me my friend! I'm still trying to find time to quilt My Dreamy Orange Crush quilt. I'm hopeful that I can carve out the time this weekend. The kids want to hit the beach and I'm sure J has something he wants to do.

At any rate, I love the new quilt. Very nautical and it should go very nicely in your room.

Mom to Anyone said...

Very pretty and nostalgic. Nostalgic is my favorite characteristic in a quilt.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Finally catching up on your blog . . . and I love the quilt top! Can't wait to see it finished . . .and that reminds me . . . we need to plan when we are going to try to do something together this year . . . it's tradition! Dunno if Dh will feel brave enough in actuality to Katya sit though?! Guess we'll have to see. . . but yeah . . . I know we have no time to sew but . . . window shopping is fun too. ;-)