Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent flooding

We have had so much rain lately! Anytime it rains and rains there is flooding. We've not been in danger having water reach the house, but the roads have occasionally looked like this:


The pond is totally full, which is good because it was at least a foot down.


The forecast is for rain all next week also. Thankfully, dh was able to get the lawn mowed this afternoon. The garden is currently growing on the deck. It had been in the kitchen until today. I haven't been able to set the plants out to get them acclimated as much as they need. We won't be able to plant seeds directly to the garden until it dries out some.


Mom said...

I have been wondering about the flooding, knowing you have had so much rain. There sure has been a lot of weather related problems lately.

Mom to Anyone said...

I can relate. We did get our garden in, but we out it into mud. Overall, it's coming pretty well. We sure have not has to water a thing.

Christine said...

It's funny. We are in drought condition here and long for rain. Our neighborhood ponds are all down at least a foot. And, there are wildfires in the county North of us.

Glad your home is safe.