Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I did last week

Saturday, the 28th we picked up the three extras. :)

Sunday after church they enjoyed the pond.


Monday: Memorial Day parade

Bubbles in the evening.


Tuesday: Great Lakes Science Center


And a trip to the quilt shop and Trader Joes.

Wednesday Amy had to babysit, so we didn't do quite as much. That was the day that the new dryer came, but they didn't install it so I had to wait to catch up on laundry until after dh came home from work. Even then, I had to wait until Thursday because of a few bumps in the installation. Then on Thursday the washing machine gave me an error code saying that the water supply was blocked. Thankfully, dh came home at lunch to fix it. :)

Thursday after Amy's voice lesson, we spent some time clothes shopping for Katya and Charity. We found several cute things for Katya.

Some friends of ours from church own some land with a pond. So we went there on Friday.

I've only highlighted what we did. We were pretty busy. I felt like all I did was concentrate on "parenting" four kids, which was fine. God was certainly, gracious in giving me all I needed to do that.



A couple of my favorite Chad sayings: "I don't go to bed until the bottom of the night." "I can't go to bed until it's all the way dark."
He would also make statements about food especially if we were having something he'd not ever heard of before. In that case, "I'll just have carrots." Or "I'm not hungry." Yeah, right!

At one point, we had a little lesson on "stealing." Amy left her gum out, so he decided he'd just take a piece, but I saw him do it, so I instructed him that he needed to ask Amy for it otherwise he'd be stealing. It happened again with some candy, so I reminded him about what we'd talked about. He then would say something like, "Oops, sorry."

My eating no-nos for the week
--a frozen watermelon fruit bar because the steamship tour was incredibly hot! --Aladdins' triple chocolate mousse cake on date night; a treat for a hard week. It was one of the best date nights we've had in a long time (dinner, shopping for camp chairs, taking in the end of the first band concert of the season in the square).
--Two s'mores on Sunday afternoon. The children were going home the next day, so we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for a special treat.
And now back to normal.


Mom said...

Sounds like a nice change of pace.

Mom to Anyone said...

Really sounds like it went well. I really like the bottom of the night quote! That's classic for sure!