Sunday, May 22, 2011

My blueberry bushes

The first two pictures are the new blueberry bushes.

This one just might make it.

The next two pictures are the two original blueberry bushes.

This poor thing looked pretty dead after winter. All the tiny twigs were broken off and I couldn't tell if it would make it. Then on Thursday I want out and looked at it only to discover the smallest of new growth. After dh got done mowing, I wanted to show him, but he got a rather sheepish look on his face and said something might have happened to it. Yeah, like his weed-whacker accidentally chopped the whole thing off!

Then Friday while on our date he saw blueberry bushes at Lowes!

Assuming this one lives, it's got a better start that the others since it's bigger.

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Mom to Anyone said...

Interesting. We have such plethora of blackberry bushes and a fair number of black raspberry bushes that I've been contemplating strawberries and blueberries. What would really be nice is to find some wild blueberries.