Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something new for the dolls

Julie was the one to witness the change.


Several weeks ago I saw a post with pictures on AG Fans Board of a doll storage set up. The items were from IKEA. So a couple Saturdays ago we took a little trip to Pittsburgh to the IKEA store.


We bought two wardrobe frames and several shelves. Each frame is about 93 inches tall, 39 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Each shelf can be placed where it's needed.

Before they could be built we had to wait for the new carpet to be installed. A week after our trip we were putting the units together. Let's just say that was a character building event.


Here they are in a semi-finished state.

We're going to put a shorter, smaller frame between the two large ones. It will be for storage of doll clothes. We'll put in a couple tension rods for hanging things and a basket for shoes.

And now hubby is feeling better, the dolls and their things are in one place (well mostly).


Mom said...

What a cool idea!

Christine said...

Very nice. And I agree, building those type of things sure exercise character. I mostly enjoy that sort of thing, but each project has a point that makes me want to say things I shouldn't