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For The Love of Family -- Homeopathy

I got this article in my email today. The author gives a few examples from her life where she used homeopathy to help her family heal. Click on the title below to go to the newsletter. In the newsletter, right after the article there's a yummy sounding recipe for peanut butter cups. You might want to check it out. :)

For the Love of Family -- Homeopathy!

Recently I was asked in a blog for some personal examples that demonstrate the power of homeopathy…here is an excerpt from that blog, that again reconfirms my commitment to this profound yet gentle science.

Well, I'll tell you an incident that occurred only last weekend to my husband who is a professional ski instructor. He took a nasty spill, rolled and landed (hard) on the back of his neck. When he finally came to, there was a crowd of concerned skiers and the ski patrol gathered around him. I'm still not sure how he got home, nor is he, but he was clearly dazed, confused and shaken up quite a bit.

Now, since we live on a ski hill in New York, and my family spends every snowy hour they can on the slopes, I've made certain they each have a bottle of Arnica Montana in their ski parkas. This time, however, Arnica was not the best choice because of the fact that he was dazed and wobbly, so the pain was not as important as his state of mind.

I gave him Nat sulph 1M and within half an hour, he grew a smile on his face that indicated the transformation. "Thank you", he said. "My mind was fuzzy and I felt fragile and confused." There are so many incidents in my life in which Homeopathy has given my family and me the kind of power all families ought to have available.

Our son had fear of a big exam that was forthcoming a few weeks ago but was calmed by Gelsemium taken every 4 hours. He aced the exam, but more importantly, he was not uneasy the morning of the exam. Also a few months ago, my father had a suspicious lump appear only to have Lycopodium resolve it within 2 days.

But the most profound story is the one about my Aunt Mary. Unfortunately, this one is not bestowed with a happy ending. Aunt Mary was my Godmother with whom I was very close. We spoke on the phone weekly. Years ago I had given her a Homeopathy kit so she could call me should she needed my help. Well, one night she slipped and sprained her ankle. Normally, she would have called me to get a remedy, but this time, she just went to the doctor without phoning because she knew I had a busy week that week. I would've indeed recommended she have her ankle looked at to be certain it wasn't a break and then a Homeopathic remedy for the pain, swelling and quick healing.

Instead, on the way home, my uncle stopped at a drug store to get Darvon, following the doctor's instructions. That night, she took the Darvon and within 6 hours, she died in her bed. The "cause of death" was cardiac arrest, however, no one in my aunt's very large family had ever had heart issues and only weeks prior, and she had been given a "clean bill of health" from the very doctor who prescribed Darvon. Down to my toes, I knew it was the Darvon, so did my mother and my uncle. When I reviewed the dangers of the drug on line, it was logical that the drug had caused her death. Now 2 years later, class action suits are sprouting everywhere against the manufacturer. The FDA has finally banned Darvon and Darvocet. Just for the record, it's been prescribed since 1957. The reason it was taken off the market? It causes cardiac abnormalities and arrest in people who don't have a history of heart disease, even in recommended doses. How many unsuspecting folks have been poisoned by this drug in the last 40 years with the cause of death appearing to be something else?

This kind of loss is always difficult. But the salt that stung the wound deeper is that first; my aunt trusted the doctor to give her something that was safe. Second; that the very remedy that would've offered her quick and more importantly, a harmless method of healing was only 20 feet away in her medicine closet…… in her Homeopathy kit!

This is the kind of story that I hear on a regular basis from clients and students all over the U.S. As mothers and others, we need to protect our families and the only way to do so is to arm ourselves with knowledge: Homeopathic and nutritional knowledge. Well, there's also the protection we gain from holding to our faiths and scrutinizing what is taught in the schools. But it means diligence.

I entreat all mothers to not be a "good little patient". Be the one who questions every decision a doctor suggests and knowing your alternative options. This is not a time for compliancy. Be a fierce lioness when it comes to your family. Be a mighty mom…read, study, educate yourself. Then get to the job at hand…of being the most protective person in your children's lives. And when they're set well, take care of your parents, your aunts and uncles, your friends, pets, and so on. I can't think of a responsibility more important than this one.

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Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

WOW. I'm pretty sure that either Paul or I (or both of us) have been prescribed Darvocet due to pain after surgery. They name is VERY familiar . . . Glad we are both still alive! Thank God!