Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream On

Last September I read this blog post over at Twin Fibers. Twins embarked on a quilt challenge. They each had the same fat quarter bundle to work with. As twins they wanted to see how similar or different their quilts would be.

Since my friend, Christine had recently moved to a state far away from here and I really missed her (still do) I thought it might be something we could do together. We discussed it in October while I visited her. Due to the holiday and other projects in place we decided to put off beginning our quilts until, well, this week. We have about two months to complete our quilts. If life gets in the way, so be it. We finish when we finish, but the goal is around the beginning of May.

I did remember to take pictures of my fabric before I cut it and I hope to get shots of each stage along the way.

We each have a Dream On layer cake (42 ten-inch squares).

I also bought white for my blocks as well as fabric for binding and backing.



Stay tuned for the end result and maybe a sneak peak here and there.


Christine said...

Sneak peaks?!?!?! I like this idea....

Have you started cutting? I'm still looking at the material all set out on my craft table

Mom said...

Sounds like fun. Can you publish the twins results too?

Mary Ann said...

I think it will be interesting to follow along and see how your quilt turns out. I just love seeing the talent of other women!!