Saturday, March 5, 2011

Foto Friday (on Saturday)

Foto Friday IMG_2488

It's now Saturday night and I should go to bed, but I want to share my Foto Friday pictures.  This week's these was EDIBLE.  Here's what will be EDIBLE, Lord willing.



Last Sunday afternoon we planted our tomato and pepper seeds along with some poppies and snapdragons. By yesterday the poppies were coming up as was a roma tomato. :)

My favorite of these two pictures is the one that clearly shows the Hillbilly Tomato stake. What a name!


Jennifer said...

what a great idea for a photo! your garden is going to be wonderful. That tomato name is too funny, thanks for the giggle!

Mom said...

Fun! You are descended from hillbillies you know! I like that your photo implies faith and optimism

Rebecca said...

I think you nailed the challenge this week! In such a fun way!

We start our seeds on St. Pattys day around here and I am, well, a bit behind. I haven't even PLANNED this years garden yet or ordered the seeds I still need!

Your pictures actually get me excited to do so!

(I love poppies.)

...they call me mommy... said...

What a wonderful idea!! :) I love it! The promise of something delightful! :)