Sunday, January 30, 2011

New earrings

Picnik collage earrings

Last week while browsing on Etsy, I found these earrings at Liz's Fineries Etsy shop. I thought these were lovely and will probably buy more from her someday. If you buy jewelry, Etsy is the place to do it. There are great prices and some not so great, but there are thousands from which to chose.

On the sewing schedule for this week is quilting a quilt, not my favorite thing to do. But I'm going to give it a shot. It's the only scheduled thing because I'm never sure how long it will take me. I'm also knitting a shawl to go with the dress I made for the AG Valentine swap. The items need to go out on Friday.

On my wish list for this week is to get well. I really hope to get some more answers from the Dr. I may even be willing to go the antibiotic route, but I really have misgivings about that.

My honey also bought a refurbished laptop to get us by until we can get the Mac that I want. That should come tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that.


Mom said...

I know the risks of taking an antibiotic, but there are risks with letting it go too long too. The inner ear and the sinuses are right by the brain. There is a real risk of meningitis as well. We continue to pray for your wisdom in the matter. Not all Drs. are as reckless with antibiotics as our Dr. was when you were small.

Mom said...

I wish I could find small earrings that are screw on in gold rather than silver. There are so many I would like but can't do the pierced ones.

Christine said...

The earrings are beautiful, stunning and all that. Someday I'm going to order some from a friend that sells on Etsy.

Can't wait to see the next quilt.

I continue to pray about your illness and I hope your Doctor can give you some answers.