Friday, January 7, 2011

Misc. Doll clothes

Here are a couple items I worked on when I felt good enough not to be on the couch sleeping.

The first one is a Liberty Jane jacket and skirt. Amy added the blouse from her stash of doll clothes. I think Adria looks pretty smart in it.


For this one I used two different patterns, one for the bodice, and a modified one for the skirt. The fabric is a sparkly faux suede type. The sash is made from a slippery satin. I actually had no trouble sewing with that, I guess, since it was just a straight line. I had intended to have it be a New Year's Eve dress, but I was on the couch, not able to get it done in time.



This is the next coat to go in the shop.




Christine said...

Have you thought about putting more clothes in the shop? They are all so darling.

Margaret said...

What adorable outfits! Love that coat!

Nanci said...

These all look great!

Sorry to hear that you still are not feeling up to par.

Mom to Anyone said...

I really like the 1st outfit. The pleats are adorable!