Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hubby's Quilt

I decided to give the quilt I made during the Block-of-the-Week sessions to my honey for Christmas. He really liked it, with the exception of it not being quite long enough. I was disappointed by that also. Here's the finished product.

Detail of the binding.

Detail of the quilting.  It's a leaves and loops pattern.

Bonus Feature: The pinwheel quilt with the first border.


Mom said...

Both are beautiful!

Nanci said...

Your block of the month quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

I love watching your blog and seeing your quilts progress until I finally see the finished product.

I have material to make a quilt for our bed, and it just sits there and waits for me. I wonder if I'll ever get to it in this lifetime.

momawake said...


Nanci, it's one block at a time. Just start with one. :)