Saturday, October 9, 2010

Three new jackets


I think Kit looks sweet in the Apple Pickin' coat.


I had enough fabric to make more of the Happy Squirrel and the Polka Dot Treat. 


I also discovered that I can get at least three coats out of a yard of fabric, so if I really like the material I'll buy one yard. I've also used stash fabric to make quite a few things. Love that!


Mom said...

Just had an idea while admiring the jackets. A matching/coordinating backpack might be fun to add to your offerings. Get Amy to make some of those miniature books to put in them. :-)

The Boring One said...

Ya know, I'm likin' these jackets enough that I'm thinkin' you should make some of the "would fit a real live human" variety. Maybe with a buckle in the back or something. They're just so cute!

Mom to Anyone said...

I agree with The Boring One.