Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Eventful Florida trip Part 3


I don't think we took any pictures on Thursday, at least I didn't.

I got up Thursday morning feeling great, ready to go. I ate breakfast and felt fine. C and I went to return the Bentonite to the health food store then we went to the fabric store across the street. Somewhere in that time frame I started to get dizzy again. Then I was nauseous again. Keeping in mind this is after returning the Bentonite. :( However, I have discovered that I can fabric shop while the store is spinning. ;-) I found some cute fabric that would have made a great doll coat, but found nothing I loved that went with it. By the time C was finished making her purchases I had put my fabric back and felt nasty.

Thankfully, the store was only a short distance back home. I spent the next couple hours or so in the bathroom. After I could keep a little water down I took a nap and woke up feeling better. C made a trip to the store and bought me some chicken broth and saltines (you are such a great friend!) which I ate and had no trouble with.

Amy & I were supposed to have gone back to Orlando that afternoon, but ended up leaving after supper instead. I felt fine the whole way there with no issues.

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