Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Eventful Florida trip Part 1

For the last three weeks dh has been traveling. Last week from Saturday to Thursday he had a conference in Orlando, FL. I have a good friend who now lives in FL so Amy & I went down on Tuesday to visit her and her family. Our air travels went smoothly, we had no problems with security or baggage claim. So on to the car rental (Thrifty) counter. I had entered all my info online, so I was good to go. However, the agent had other ideas. He proceeded to bombard me with questions about adding this and that to the rental agreement. The one he tripped me up on went like this, "You selected to receive this insurance, would you like to upgrade?" Since dh had set this up for me, I didn't know what I preselected. Turns out dh didn't preselect anything and would not have added any insurance at all. So I ended up with an extra $30/day on the car. I was not happy!! But I did learn something from the experience.

After we got the car, we turned on the GPS to find our way to Chipotle for dinner. Because we were in the parking garage it couldn't find the satellite. Even after we left the garage it couldn't find it. Amy turned it on and off at least twice, still nothing. Meanwhile, I'm driving on roads around the airport not knowing which way to go and not even knowing what road we were on. We finally got the map out and figured out what road we were on and through the grace of God we made it to Chipotle. By this time I'm stressed. After we ate, we got back in the car, I turned the GPS back on and this time it worked. :) Relief! I had directions from google maps with me, so I probably could have made it to my friend's house with that.

Part two is coming soon.


Mom said...

You are brave!

Mom to Anyone said...

I love the picture! I am feeling a bit incensed on your behalf re: the rental car place. I do NOT like being tricked into buying something. If it has to be sold that way, they must not have a valuable product.