Monday, September 13, 2010

Our PA trip

On Thursday last week Amy & I went to Pennsylvania to see the Gothard Sisters perform. But first, since we were headed that direction I decided to contact a blogging friend to see if we could meet her. So on Thursday evening we had dinner with her and her daughter. I'm amazed at how perfect strangers (sort of) can keep a conversation going to over two hours. :) I'm so glad we started our mini vacation in such a way. After dinner we had more driving to do. We finally reached our hotel about 10 p.m.

We had a casual start to our morning and arrived at the fair after lunch. The Gothard's first show was at 1:30. This video has clips from that show as well as the second show.

After that show we wandered around the fair grounds making our way to the stage where Vocal Trash was performing. They are a group that the Gothard Sisters knew from other shows they've done.



They had two more shows one at 4:15 and the last one at 7:30. We spent the entire day with them. We watched high divers dive into 8 feet of water. We saw horticultural and crafts exhibits and just generally had a great day. My favorite was just being with them. Their mom travels with them every where, so I enjoyed visiting with her.



This guy is 80 feet in the air and dives into only 8 feet of water.


After the last show we helped them get everything loaded up and then went to Olive Garden for a late dinner.


Amy & I agree that whenever the Gothards are anywhere near Ohio we're going to try to see them. :)


Nanci said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the fair. I'm so glad that you got to spend more time with the Gothards than just going to dinner on Friday evening. I'm sure it was nice for them to have someone to spend the day with.

After, we started back down the road for home on Thursday evening, I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken any picture of us together. I had even asked dd to put the camera in her purse before we went into the restaurant (which she did). But I completely forgot about taking a picture as I got engrossed in conversation. I told you that I never had a good memory. I guess this proves it.

Amy said...

Oh Nanci, I forgot about that too! I thought about it once when we first got there, but I didn't think about it again until you mentioned something. We had our camera in the car, we could've taken one and then sent it to you. Oh well! Guess we'll have to do it again... :-D