Wednesday, September 15, 2010


While we were in VA a month ago I took Amy and my niece and nephew shopping. Joann's was our first stop (there was a sale I wanted to take advantage of). For a while I'd been wanting some pink dangling earrings. At Joann's I found some Jolee's beads in just the right color. Now my niece can do things with beads! So right then at Joann's I commissioned her to make me a pair of earrings. Next stop was Michael's. My niece & I searched the bead area for just the right bead to add to what I already bought. We found nothing! But she did get an idea for them by looking at the picture on the front of a beading book. :) We bought some findings to put them together.

We went back home and found some beads from her stash to put with what I bought. She got to work and by supper time (our trip to town was in the afternoon) I had a new pair of earrings. (BTW a bead stash is similar to a fabric stash only it takes up way less space, just in case you want to know.)



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Mom said...

How pretty! I sometimes have to make my own earrings too. It is hard to find clip earrings.