Friday, August 13, 2010

Mother/Daughter trip

Amy did a wonderful job of summarizing our trip here, so I think I'll forgo the commentary.

Here are some pictures of the fabric I bought. My goal for our trip was to buy fabric for pillowcases for Con Kerr Cancer. My local quilt shop is collecting them. I wanted to get fabric for one pillowcase at each shop we went to.

This is what I found at the first shop in Newark.

At Hancock's I had K help me pick out the fabric. She found the hot air balloons.

Mrs. D. spotted this one at Fabric Shack. She also suggested that I get enough for two at this store since the next shop probably wouldn't have what I was looking for. She was right.

I think Amy spotted the next one there also. It was a group effort to find the coordinating fabric.

At the last shop I found this.

Now I need to get to sewing them before Sept. 4. I've got quite a bit of sewing to do besides the pillowcases, so I'll be busy.


Christine said...

Those are absolutely darling!

Mom said...

So perfect for the kiddos.

Nanci said...

Great fabrics!! The kiddos will think these are fanastic!