Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mistaken identity

In case you don't read my daughter's blog here's our gardening faux pas if you can call it that. I posted here about our Rumor Weed. We originally thought it was a pumpkin because there were pumpkin seeds in the bird feed at one point. When we saw what was growing on the vine we changed our minds and said, "no, it's a watermelon." Last week Amy thought the watermelon was big enough to pick, so she brought it in.


After supper she got out the knife to cut it and much to her disappointment this is what she found.


We were right the first time about it being a pumpkin. If we'd let it ripen it would have been huge! But the plant is still out there growing itself around everything. We can't even let the dog out that way anymore.



Maybe we'll get a pumpkin out of it yet.


Mom said...

Don't you wish your hair curled like that? ;-)

Christine said...

ha ha