Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garden's bounty


I turned most of these tomatoes into pasta sauce. This time I did the blender method. I learned this from a group of ladies from church just last week. What you do is put your clean, cored, whole unpeeled tomatoes in a big stock pot. Cook on low until there's a good amount of liquid in the pot. I should mention that I also added onion (one small onion per 4 cups tomatoes) at the beginning along with salt about a tbs. (although I doubt that's enough since I had lots & lots of tomatoes in a really big pot). Toward the end of the process I added basil and oregano. I used dried because that's what I have. It's supposed to be about 1 tsp each per 4 cups tomatoes. You could add whatever other veggie you like in your sauce like green peppers possibly. After it's all good and cooked start blending it in your blender a little at a time. Put in jars, seal with lids and can as desired. I usually skip this step and just store mine in the refrigerator. If you want to store yours on a shelf they have to be canned.

I ended up with about 9 jars (some are quarts some are a little smaller) of sauce and 4 jars of the broth that's left. I'll use that as stock in soups.

DH just picked another half wheelbarrow full today. I may just dice freeze those. Most of them are Romas. I think they'll be good until Monday. I should also mention that Amy has been helpful in the whole process.

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Christine said...

I'm jealous.

Just the other day John asked if I was going to make sauce this year. I guess that I'll need to find a good farmers market around here.