Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nebraska trip Part 1

Last Monday we left for Nebraska. The main goal of the week was to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary. While there we also celebrated my dad's birthday. He's a great guy! :)


We were able to spend time with Amy's birth family on Thursday. We went to the Pizza Machine where we had lunch and played lots of arcade games.



Thursday night and Friday afternoon we spent getting the church gym ready for the reception. Friday evening we greeted lots of well-wishers and saw people we haven't seen in years and years. It was such a blessing.

Be sure to click on the picture for a better view.


Christine said...

So sweet.

Amy said...

It was such an enjoyable time.

Mom to Anyone said...

I start to say what my favorite part was and then I think, no it was something else. It was just a good time all the way around.