Friday, March 5, 2010


I noticed that Jane Austen's Emma was going to be at The Cleveland Playhouse. Amy & I love that story, so I thought I'd take her next weekend. I started looking into getting tickets and discovered they started at $45 each with an additional $5 for fees. I had permission from dh to spend that much, but that added up to $100 plus $8 for parking! So I started looking around the website for possible discounts when I remembered that they do student performances. On Monday I called about that and found out that the show date I wanted for next week was full, but we could go this week. The cost per ticket was $10 and free parking!

The student performances are in the morning which meant getting up way earlier than normal. But after seeing the performance we both said it was worth it. We had such an enjoyable morning. We even went to lunch afterwards.


Mom said...

When we work school shows, there are always some homeschool families that attend. Seats are assigned not chosen however.

Mom to Anyone said...

What fun! The discount made it all the sweeter!