Saturday, March 13, 2010

The deck snow

Here's the deepest the snow got on our deck this winter. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been that deep since we've lived here, but I don't have pictures to prove it and we haven't always had the picnic tables the entire time either.


Here was the last little bit which disappeared completely with the warm weather this week.


Now it's just wet with rain.


Mom said...

Most of our snow is gone too, but we still have a large patch on the deck. Glad you got a picture to share of the hawk.

~*Mona*~ said...

isn't it wonderful? Snow usually lasts well into April for us, atleast the last few years is wonderful to see the ground so early in the year!

Mom2fur said...

Hasn't it just been a crazy winter? We saw one of the worst blizzards ever here on Long Island--and winter hadn't even started then (it was mid December.)
BTW, I love your turquoise deck furniture!

Mom to Anyone said...

There is just some uniquely beautiful about snow. Such a pretty picture with vivid color of the table.