Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter wild life


Usually we don't see starlings in the harshest part of winter, but not this year. We've had several. They must be attracted to the food we put out.


I really thought that squirrels hibernated. Apparently they don't. Here's a bit of information about the American Red Squirrel.


Here's another bird we don't see very often. The American Crow decided to pay us a short visit. Their habitat includes woodlands and farmlands. We've got both around us.



This year has been the year of the mourning dove. The family is large. ;-) They've been fun to watch. We have a large feeder on the bench on the deck and usually they have to fight over the bottom holes since they're ground feeders. After we got quite a bit of snow there was a mound of snow next to the feeder. Most of the doves were doing their usual fighting, but one smart dove found the mound of snow and had the middle hole all to itself. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of that. But here they are congregated. This is a daily occurrence.



Mom said...

I love it when you get good bird pictures and post them. I'd be wary of those crows. The ones we have like to bring their road kill to our birdbath and leave the carcass or whatever other crumbs behind. It is gross.

Amy said...

The mourning doves got pretty nasty after the first big snowfall we had...there was only one hole open on the bottom of the feeder and they were all fighting over it. Though one mourning dove got the right idea... she hopped up on one of the snow banks that surrounded the feeder and was able to access one of the higher holes from there. :-)