Friday, February 26, 2010

The Quilt is finished!

The first step was to trim the back and batting even with the top.



The next step was to sew all the binding strips into one long strip. Then iron it in half lengthwise. Once that was accomplished I started sewing it on to the quilt, right sides together. This is another part of the quilting process I don't care for because the quilt is so heavy by now. It actually went better than I expected it to, thankfully.



I spent the entire evening Thursday turning the binding to the back and hand sewing it down. Good thing I had the Olympics to keep me company. :)

I'm taking a day off to snow blow and visit the massage therapist in that order. I need it after today. Saturday I'd like to get the binding on the Avalon halved. Next week is the binding for the quilt-along.


Mom said...

What a treasure!

Christine said...

So, will you sleep under it tonight?

I'm amazed at how warm my homemade quilt is on our bed. It's been wonderful these cold FL nights. I suppose that when it gets really warm here I'll need to fold it down each night. But, for now I'm so thankful for it's warmth!

~*Mona*~ said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful piece you have made! I have done some quilting, but nothing compared to what you have done with this. Did you do it *all* by hand?

momawake said...

It's all machine done except the binding which is hand sewn to the back. I sent it out to have the quilting done, so I can't take credit for that.

Nanci said...

That is just truly beautiful. I love the prints and the palette!

cheri said...