Thursday, September 3, 2009

Snow Show

Here's one the quilts leftover from the craft room clean-up. It and a few others had been on the back of my chair for months. They kept sliding off. So, I thought I'd better get them quilted. This if the first to get finished. I love the fabric, but the quilt itself I don't love. At my favorite quilting store they had one last winter made from the blue color way, rather than the red. Their color choice blended better than this one. I'm certainly not disappointed in it, but I think it could be better.

Fabric: Benartex Snow Show
Book: Instant Bargello

The next quilt top is pinned together ready to be quilted. I'm still pondering what kind of design to do. It's another wall-hanging size. I also started on a tiered skirt made from fabulous batiks. I'm making it from a pattern I found here. The fabric came from Joann, the first one I saw was a remnant, only 3/4 yd. After some thinking I decided it would look nice as part of a tiered skirt. Then the quest began to find two other fabrics to coordinate. Thankfully, my Joann and another one (different town) had just what I needed. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

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You are going to busy!