Monday, September 28, 2009

It's finally coming...veggies, that is

Dh decided to see what would happen to a green onion if he just let it grow. :) It's almost as big as a leek. Then again maybe leeks are just extra large green onions. That's how much I know about it.

On Sunday he picked these two huge bowls full of romas. The top picture is the one I processed yesterday. The bottom picture are those that need just a little more ripening.

Out of all those tomatoes I got only three not-quite-quart-size jars. I am thankful for that much, but I'd hoped for more. I guess there are lots more out in the garden, but the forecast is for highs in the upper 50s this week, so we'll see.


Mom said...

What is in the jars - juice, sauce, etc. ?

momawake said...

The stuff in the jars is pasta sauce. It's just tomatoes, salt & spices, so it could be used in soup also.