Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest quilt top, etc.

18-inch blocks make up the Avalon quilt. These were aligned on the basement floor until I got a design I liked.

Each block, sashing and eventual binding are from Michael Miller's Pillow and Maxfield collection. These fabrics stopped me when I was at Fabric Shack the last time. They weren't on my list of things to buy. ;-)

Here's the finished quilt top. I've got batting already, but still need to get a backing fabric. Joann has a 50% off coupon this week which I plan to use on 90" Kona muslin. I've already been to the local store twice this week for other items (using a coupon each time). ;-) But I discovered last night that they didn't have enough of the muslin I want, so I'll have to head to a different store. After I get it all sandwiched together, then I've got to decide on a quilting pattern. I've got a couple ideas.

While at Joann yesterday we bought enough flannel to to make three or four baby-sized quilts for an orphanage in Eastern Europe. I'll use the same pattern above for a couple of them, using just four blocks. I can also use the pattern with six blocks to make a toddler size quilt. I'm excited about the possibilities.

A couple weeks ago our local quilt shop had a sale in honor of the owner's birthday. As part of the week's events they had a drawing for four different items. Much to my surprise I got a call the next week saying I'd won this.

It's a honeybun which is 1.5 " strips of every fabric in the particular line, this one being Hello Betty.

Then late last week Missouri Star Quilt Company had a daily deal that was free (with $5 shipping). This is a charm pack which includes one 5x5" square of each fabric from the line. I've got some ideas for both the honeybun and the charm pack, but they'll wait for another post.


Mom said...

You are making my head swim with all your ideas!

momawake said...

Mine too! ;-)