Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conference-Multigenerational Faithfulness

The Botkin family from left: Noah (only the top of his head), Lucas, Ben, Elizabeth, Anna Sophia; below David is on the far right. Isaac is next to David, but not in the picture.

The following lists came from notes I took during the session entitled, "A New Hope? Why the Second Generation drops the Ball" It was begun by Geoffrey Botkin, but he asked his children to answer. All seven of them took their turn.

Why the 2nd generation drops the ball:
1. They don't fear God.
2. The don't study scripture for themselves.
3. They are good rather than righteous; they presuppose salvation.
4. They don't take sin seriously.
5. Parents allow children to be discipled by others.
6. Lack of training, drive, character and discipline.
7. They reject God's law and authority.
8. There is no vision or purpose; it's not passed down.

What to do:
1. Take foundations and go even farther.
2. Semper Reformanda (always reforming).
3. Have sufficient faith in Christ to persevere in difficulty.
4. Work out salvation. Phil 2:12
5. Have a heart of integrity, keep statutes.
6. Fear God, keep His commandments.
7. Have own faith not parents' faith.
8. Keep an open relationship with parents to keep on track biblically.
9. Confess sin to parents.

Misc. We need a list of things we will do, not just things we will not do.


Mom said...

Did his children drop the ball?

momawake said...

No. They all seem to be mature, responsible kids. I'm sure they have their faults. Some of them even gave examples of their failures. But they are all striving to carry on.