Saturday, July 4, 2009

The After

The After

Amy's side

My side

It feels great to have this done. I was able to vacuum most of the floor. Yippee! There are still projects out, but they're going to get done. We sorted through lots of stuff, but I just realized I need to sort the scrapbooking things. I'll try to tackle that on Monday. Or maybe I should wait until all the sewing projects are finished. Once I start sorting I may get inspired to scrapbook. :)


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Looks great!!! Congratulations to BOTH of you. ;-)

Mom said...

Wow! Have fun creating!

cheri said...

Great job! How fun that you and Amy have a room like this and can work together!

Catching up on a few days of your blog...we used to get mice nesting in our grill too. Eek!

I'll try to do that meme sometime this week - when I can think of some unimportant things!

Nanci said...

Your crafting room looks FANTASTIC!
Now you can pull out those vintage patterns and get started. You'll be as surprised as I was to find that it really isn't all that difficult.