Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nature walk

I just love winter! : ) : )

Anyway, Amy & I went for a walk around our house in the deep snow this afternoon. (I think we should get snowshoes.) When we were still and quiet the birds appeared. I saw several nuthatches playing in the tree top making their little tiny noises and a chickadee being busy just four or five feet from me. We saw what appeared to be cardinal feathers on the ground. There must be a reason for that. There were tracks in the snow coming from the trees toward the yard. It was hard to tell what made the tracks until we got closer. Then we could see feet prints deep in the snow then evidence of a rabbit.

It was time well spent.

After we were in the house for a while I spied five mourning doves in the sycamore.


Anonymous said...

That looks like big thick wet heavy snow. Good for snowballs. Snowshoes are fun and very useful too.

Mom to Anyone said...

Wow! Mourning doves are my favorite bird, and winter is my favorite season. That last picture is delicious. (The others are so peaceful too. I just love winter!)