Sunday, February 24, 2008


A quote from "Sabrina" by Lori Wick.

"'What are you doing?' Jessie Wheeler asked of Hannah, her older daughter, when she found her digging behind one of the counters of Wheeler's Mercantile.
'Looking for a rag.'
'Why do you need it?'
'I'm going to dust that shelf over there.'
Jessie, who owned and operated the mercantile, looked over at the shelf her daughter pointed to. It did need dusting, but the bottom ones always did. She had two customers in the store but ignored them in order to bend down on her daughter's level.
'I think you should go and play,' Jessie said gently to the child, who tended to take life very seriously. 'You just finished with school. Don't you want to enjoy your summer a little?'
'But who will dust the shelf?'
'I don't know right now, but I do know this: The dust will wait for us.'" (emphasis all mine)


Mom to Anyone said...

Along with a lot of other things. Nearly 23 years into parenting there are no things I wish I'd done more of than spending time playing, setting a better example, telling Bible stories, singing, listening, etc.

happymom4 said...

LOL!!!! ;-) Great excerpt!

(In all honesty, I have to point out that due to our allergies the dust doesn't wait real well for us at this house. . . or, maybe it does wait as in "lie in wait" to cause trouble for us!!! I'm thankful for a good filter on the furnace, a good Rainbow, and yup, that dust rag with water or orange oil!)

momawake said...

My sister used to tell me it was better for her allergies to let the dust lie there rather than stir it up. ; )

Mom said...

That is why you use a damp cloth. It is also good to rinse it out fequently. Speaking like the expert I am. Ha!

happymom4 said...

Right--damp rag--NOT a feather duster! We really do better if we keep up with it at least somewhat regularly. When Todd was little he was SO sensitive that if I literally did not dust every other day and vaccuum the whole house every other day, he was a wreck allergy wise! (Of course, we didn't have a good rainbow sweeper then either, but we did have special purifiers that ran constantly in his bedroom and ours). Good thing I don't have to do that anymore as I couldn't keep up. . . . It was pretty brutal.