Friday, February 29, 2008


Today I dusted! This is what I used, my Flylady feather duster. Gasp! No sneezing at all!

I'm convinced the reason for no sneezing is that since I've been doing the candida diet my allergy-type symptoms have dramatically improved.


Mom said...

Is it a cute, friendly puppy? Is it a grotesque owl? Will it bite? This picture begs a creative caption.

momawake said...


happymom4 said...

YOU DUSTED?? ---THUNK!!! (Sound of Hope Anne hitting the floor in shock and amazement . . . )

Good for you--was the duster as good as Fly Lady claims?! ;0-)


momawake said...

I do like the Fly Lady duster. It works pretty well. I suppose a cloth would work better, but for a quick dusting the feather duster is great!