Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tea Party for the girls

I decided to schedule a Tea Party for Monday. We didn't really know when the children's parents were returning to this country, so I took a risk. As it turned out they were home by Sunday night. But we decided to go ahead with the Tea Party anyway. We invited several girls from church and their American Girl dolls. Kristina was really looking forward to it and she dressed one of our dolls for the occasion.


Of course, one of the brothers got in the picture. :)



It was a pretty short affair, but I think they all had fun.

After the guests left we loaded ourselves in the van and drove the children back to their parents.

If you've been reading this and the last blog post and don't know what I'm talking about with these extra children, please see the sidebar for info about Katya.

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Mom said...

That is something I always wanted to do when you girls were young, and never got it done. I still have your tea set if you want it.