Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still busy

I seems like I ought to have something to blog about. I've been busy enough not to get much sewing done. Although I'm working on the Dream On project little by little. My to-do stacks are shrinking and my completed block stock is getting taller. No more pictures yet, however.

I've also got a couple more doll coats cut out and started. I've found some more cute fabrics to use. Surprise, surprise!

Once it quits being so cloudy and rainy I'll try to get some pictures to post.

My time will start to free up some next week. Amy's starting a babysitting job. She'll be gone for three afternoons. I am excited for her, but I'm also realizing that she's growing up. Which makes me a bit sad. The first afternoon she's gone I'll be taking a long-arm quilting class. That should help me through that day.


Mom said...

Maybe you could start a surprise project for Amy to receive for some future accomplishment or milestone. You sound too busy to think of "empty nest" syndrome.

Amy said...

You're gonna make me sad and not want to take the job now. >:-(