Thursday, April 7, 2011

Been busy!

Last week was a flurry of activity to get ready to go to the homeschool convention in Cincinnati. Amy & I left on Thursday morning and made it to the hotel only to go around the block a couple times waiting for the unloading area to open up. Finally, I just got in line on the street, just barely out of the intersection. Fortunately, we did have time to get checked in and get to our first session in plenty of time. We spent the rest of Thursday afternoon and evening hearing speakers in addition to checking out vendor hall.

Friday and Saturday were more of the same.

Here we are waiting for the Tim Hawkins' show to start. Not the greatest picture since we didn't take the real camera. Amy's iphone does ok, however.

On Saturday night we saw the Dugger Family. They sang a song as a family, then the kids performed with their instruments, mostly violins and lastly Jim Bob & Michelle gave an overview of their lives, a testimony to God's faithfulness and provision in their lives.

The seating was first come-first served, so we chose to sit on the side looking at the stage from that angle. We had a pretty good view of the back of the screen. And the Duggers came out of the door that was right next to our seats. Not a huge deal, but fun nonetheless.

Sunday we drove to Indiana to visit my sister and her family. We spent the afternoon with them and got to see everyone. We met the newest member, Andi, my nephew's wife.

Here's my niece.

Sunday evening after church we played Spades and had a great time. It was very nice to see everyone!

Monday we were scheduled to go home, however Amy & the weather changed those plans. Amy woke up very hot and had difficulty breathing. It was bad enough that we even talked about going to the hospital, but her breathing returned to normal after prayer and a little time. She still wasn't well enough to travel and spent the day in bed sleeping off and on. I spent the day watching the weather news which was not good. If Amy had not been sick we would have driven ALL DAY LONG in the storm. The line of strong storms was along the exact route we would have taken. It lasted the whole day.

While at the convention Amy bought the Dugger's book 20 and Counting. I started looking at it Saturday night. Since she was sick I was able to finish it on Monday. So we spent an extra day in the hotel room with Amy recovering and me relaxing. It could have been worse. (Although Amy might disagree.)

Tuesday we started for home. Amy felt almost normal, just a little tired. We managed to go to the IKEA store in Cincinnati, the Fabric Shack and an outlet mall that didn't have what I wanted.

We spent Wednesday getting school done and settling back in. Oh and my dryer broke again! However, I was mostly done with the laundry before it quit. DH and I took a couple wet loads to the laundromat after supper.

Today I got some much needed sewing done, got school done and ran errands. Tomorrow we're off again to Z'ville to participate in a Saturday fundraiser for Katya. I will certainly be glad for Sunday's day of worship & rest to get here. :)


Mom said...

Hope the fundraiser goes well.

Christine said...

So, I take it that using the rice to dry out a phone did not work.