Sunday, November 28, 2010

Avalon finished

Now don't look too carefully at it, but I finally got the binding on the Avalon. It's now on Amy's bed, although it doesn't fit it since the quilt is more of a large twin and Amy's bed is a double, but she wanted it and I said she could have it.

If I had it to do over again I'd cut the sashing and binding with the grain or maybe I'd have used a solid. There are parts of both the sashing and binding that look crooked because the print was printed crooked or I cut it that way. However, I'm pleased with it overall. And I'm very glad to have it off my list of things to do.





Mom said...

Wow! The quilting is cool too!

Christine said...

Ooooh! I remember looking at that quilt in my Ohio home.

Did you do the quilting yourself?

BTW, I *think* my layer cake will be under the tree this Christmas. I'm still thinking about how to use that best.

The Boring One said...

Very Pretty. :-) I do like.

Nanci said...

This really looks nice. I can see why Amy wanted to stake her claim!