Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My new range

This weekend dh's sister and brother-in-law and family came to visit. One purpose of the visit was for bil to install gas lines for the new range. DH found a great deal on just what we needed at one of the big box home improvement stores. It had been returned unused, but there were parts missing and a few little scratches that you have to look for. He was able to negotiate with the manager on the price. According to the owners manual it's a Jenn-Air Dual-Fuel Modular Downdraft Slide-In Range. We were very limited on what we could buy because of what was already here when we moved in. We needed the downdraft and slide-in features, the dual fuel was my desire. It's got a gas stove top and an electric oven. Right now it's got two burners and a grill. The plan is to replace the grill with two more burners.

This is the old one going out!

The new one ready to go in.

It's all installed, we're just waiting a week for the LP company to bring a tank and hook it up. For now, I can use the oven, but not the stove. I've got a one-burner hot plate to get us by until then.

While the family was visiting our reverse-osmosis machine started putting out salty water. :( The guy came out today to fix it, but said the parts would cost $600. We opted for a new one. Thankfully, they're offering a great deal on it now! God is good. That'll be installed tomorrow, a day after the company left. ;-) I'll be heading out back to find that tree with the money growing on it.


Anonymous said...

It's so sparkly shiny! Make something tasty and think of me. I admit I'm jealous. :) I look forward to the day that we will be free of our apartment stove that has left rings on all of my nice pots and pans.

Mom said...

Think of it this way - you are stimulating the economy for real!