Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family visit

As I said in the last post dh's family came to visit. They arrived on Friday night, but we weren't quite sure when they'd get here, so we went ahead with date night. While we were on our way home Amy sent dh a text saying they were there. I called her back and found out that they'd been there a while, like almost an hour! Anyway, they were about a block from here when the police started following them to our driveway. Once in the driveway they discovered two police cars. Apparently, someone else with a fifth wheel and a dark truck had run through a lawn in another neighborhood near here.

Andrew was always begging to go fishing. He was a happy boy when by the pond.

He was also a happy boy when in the pond!

While they were here I learned to play Spades. I think that's an amazing feat, since I have such a hard time understanding new card games. We really did enjoy their visit.

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