Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puzzles & movies

I've been using Flickr instead of uploading pictures directly to my blog. They are too small and I haven't figured out how to resize them in Flickr. But here are the latest puzzles. My favorite one to do was the pumpkin one.
The above puzzle is a Jane Wooster Scott. Most of the ones I do are Charles Wysocki, but hers are fun also. I read on-line that Hasbro has no plans to continue making Wysocki puzzles. This makes me sad and also explains why the prices for them on ebay are rising.

With dh traveling Amy & I have watched a couple movies. The first was Flywheel (since it was a library DVD and had to go back, dh didn't get to see it). Tonight we watched The Inn of the Sixth Happiness the story of Gladys Aylward.

I've been reading For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. The first chapter, "Your Love is Not Enough" is about how men need to feel respected more than they need to feel loved. Two quotes stood out to me.

"Always assume the best and you will find it easier to show respect."

"She has to make me feel respected so that can command respect out in the world. If she defeats me emotionally, I can't win the race and bring home the prize for her."


Christine said...

Did you like the Inn of Sixth Happiness? I think we skipped that film because I had heard that it did not really follow her story.

Also, I have the book you mentioned. I suppose that I should pick it up. First, I've to finish the three I'm currently reading through.

Anonymous said...

Did you like the movies? I've seen both and like them from what I remember. I've also read For Young Women Only and really enjoyed it. Of course it's for probably 16 and up. :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Inn of the 6th Happiness. What a tough lady she was and what a beautiful story. It's so amazing that the mandarin gave his life to the Lord out of respect for her.