Thursday, April 2, 2009

Amy won a photo contest

Amy entered this photo in Our Dolls Cooking Photo Contest. There were 12 entries, among which were several good pictures, even one other one I thought would win. Much to our surprise, Amy's won. To say she was thrilled would be an understatement. Here's a partial copy of the email she received from Greta at Our Dolls.

A lot of people voted for your picture. I thought you might like to read a few of their comments from the finalists round:

It looks so real. One of the cooks has flour on her face!

The picture is so clean and clear- it's an awesome photograph, and the dolls look so cute!

They are all pretty good, but Amy's is very clever the way the angle of the shot makes it appear like the full size cabinets in the background are doll size. It feels like the photographer caught the characters in mid action.

It has good detail and looks believable

The lighting is very natural the focus is interesting and the dolls look super cute!!!

It's so CUTE, They look like real girl baking cookies :).

It looks so realistic!!!! And its soooo adorable:)!!!!!

I like how the dolly baking items are incorporated into a real kitchen...and the flour on the dolls' faces helps, too. ;)

I love how it was done in a kitchen! So cute!

Great perspective, makes me feel like I'm in the room; looks realistic.

This picture just looks real to me. Because of it's angle, even the big people sized things in the background could be doll sized in relation to the dolls, who look life-like because the picture is up close to them and their faces. I also like the dough all clumped up on the rolling pin! Go Amy!

The simple little touches are so cute! I love the aprons and the flour on their faces is just too cute!

Thanks! :-)

Congratulations! I'm proud of Amy for entering and doing a great job.


Mom said...

Wow! How cool! Talent abounds at your house!

Mom to Anyone said...

How exciting! What did she win?

momawake said...

We're not sure what she won. One of us will have to post about it when we find out.