Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Government Health Care

By June Congress Will Own Your Health Care
By Mr. David Zanotti

You will be left with no choices, no recourse, no one to sue, no place for recovery. At the end of all the pages of laws that Congress will not read before they pass, you will be a number in a federal bureaucracy. You cannot vote the bureaucracy out of existence. You cannot sue the bureaucracy because they killed your grandmother or your spouse. You cannot go outside the bureaucracy and get care because they control the whole system and no doctor can treat you without being liable to federal penalty, even prosecution.

This is the plan Congress has for you. They will deny this plan in the next five weeks but they will pass all the pieces and parts to bring it all to fruition. They will mock anyone who connects the dots and shows you the end game but there is an end game. The Congress wants to establish a new federal bureaucracy that will totally control the delivery of all health care in America. They will decide who gets care, how much care, when they get care and who is left to die. It is already decided that you will pay for all of it including the very special care members of Congress will continue to get that you pay for as well.

If we the people fall for this lie, it will cost us our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honors, and the Republic. Congress plans to hand a bill to the President by June. Are you going to do anything about it?

Now is the time you must call and email your members of Congress. Now is the time to hold tea parties at their local offices all over the country. Now is the time to immediately find people who will run for Congress in 2010 and defend the Constitution and return America to sanity. If the government controls your healthcare the government controls your life. They will have their plan in place by June -- unless you do something about it.


Mom said...

Unbelievable! BUT TRUE

Mom to Anyone said...

Ok. So can't I just crawl into a remote cave and hide?

Mom said...

According to John M. they can find you there too!